DavoLee ft Picazo, Yomi Blaze, Limerick – Indigenius

DavoLee ft Picazo, Yomi Blaze, Limerick – Indigenius

DavoLee ft Picazo, Yomi Blaze, Limerick - IndigeniusDavoLee ft Picazo, Yomi Blaze, Limerick – Indigenius – I know you would be surprised to see this artistes come back again together,  yes your wait is as good as mine!. It is actually a long time hearing from the new signed YBNL rappers and singers, Davolee,  Picazo rhap, Yomi Blaze and Limerick.

Davolee released Bere Na in April, since then we haven’t heard from him,  he didn’t feature in any show nor hosted any concerts and his boss, Olamide didn’t give us reasons for his silence. As a newly signed artiste, we expected Davolee to be up and doing in the music industry to remain relevant,  a lot of music artistes face problem of getting to limelight and loosing the juice and ginger they went into the music industry with and Davolee’s case isn’t different.

Picazo who the rapper that was picked from the streets of Lagos by Olamide raised the expectations of listeners in 2018 but since then he has lived below that expectation as the fire he had while he was unsigned wasn’t same fire that burned while he was signed, he really disappointed a lot of people who believed in him.

Yomi Blaze has actually done his best to remain relevant but then it seemed like the label put less in promoting him as we see little or less moves for Yomi Blaze by YBNL so we wouldn’t actually say he’s a lazy artiste or lost his juice.

Limerick has strived to be on top since he released his song “Person” featuring their boss Olamide but after the song and it’s video, he disappeared till now, we believe this come back will make up for the wasted years.

In conclusion, this new music indigenous by this three YBNL stars will thrill you especially if you are from the western Nigeria.

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